About Dolphin Village

Over 40 years ago, Dolphin Village founder Fred Dixon began a small distribution company known as Dolphin Investments. With a well groomed background in the food industry, Mr. Dixon began catering to local chefs in the area who were in need of unusual or specialty foods that were not carried by mainstream wholesalers. The company soon adopted the name Dolphin Specialty Foods. In the beginning Dolphin Specialty Foods carried only a few items, but by the 1980′s had expanded to carry over 1000 items in its inventory.

With Dolphin Specialty Foods having established a solid footing in the area, Mr. Dixon also purchased a company named Village Distributors in 1988. Village was a supplier of bakery and health food products around the Maritimes. In 1990, both Dolphin Specialty Foods and Village Distributors would combine to form Dolphin Village. Although Mr. Dixon retired from Dolphin in 2009, Dolphin Village continues to expand, now serving all of Atlantic Canada.

Based in Dieppe, New Brunswick, Dolphin Village continues to serve the Atlantic region with over 1500 products to choose from. Our most unique quality is that we will search out items and special order products for our customers. Our top notch products and quality customer service are backed by years of experience by our staff.