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Kosher Dill -20Lt

Product #WC845
Unit: 20 LT
Olives – Kalamata -Lg – 2kg

Olives – Kalamata -Lg – 2kg

Special price if you buy 6 units

Product #WC830
Unit: 2 KGS

Tomme le Sieur de Duplessis(Sheep’s Milk) – 2.8kg

Local NB cheese – special order – Aged Sheep’s milk cheese,  rich in flavour and great for people who are lactose intolerant. 
Product #WC694
Unit: 2.8 KGS

Le Gamin – 300g

Local NB cheese – special order  -  Soft Raw cow’s milk with a lot of flavour.

Product #WC692
Unit: 300 GR

Tomme le Champ Dore – 2.5kg

Local NB Cheese - special order – Semi hard cheese rich and creamy.  Surface is washed every two days and ages for  at least 2 months.  100% natural, no preservatives. Made with cow’s raw milk.                  
Product #WC690
Unit: 2.5 KGS

Le Geai Blue 1.2 kgs

Local NB Cheese – special order -    Wonderful combination of Geai bleu and Gost cheese mixed together in several layers.
Product #WC688
Unit: 1.2 KGS

Bleu (Acadie) 1.4kg

 Local NB Cheese – special order   – Roquefot type cheese made with milk

Product #WC686
Unit: 1.4 KGS